With more than 30 years in the industrial air design world TSG deliverers the knowledge and experience required to provide the highest quality systems, from concept to fabrication TSG is your one stop shop for turn-key air system needs.


Pocket Ventilation:

A properly engineered PV system not only increases production, aids in sheet stability and levels CD moisture profile, it also balances hood air flow to prevent hood sweating and spillage. TSG utilizes proprietary PV and VA nozzle designs to accomplish this system balance.


Motor Cooling:

Motor in a hot spot? Keeping it cool optimizes performance, and helps guarantee a longer life span for the motor. Don't risk putting your production on hold on account a motor overheats. Let TSG inspect your system today!


Pulper Exhaust:

TSG can aid in controlling the amount of vapor spillage from your pulper with maintenance, replacing or upgrading your pulper exhaust systems. Utilizing single or multiple exhaust points, TSG has the know how to custom design a system to your needs.


Air Make-up:

Maintaining proper Air make-up units will directly reflect in the machine room air balancing. Not enough and cold air could infiltrate your building in winter months, and too much can cause unpleasant operating floor temperatures. TSG can survey your system and evaluate your plants air system needs.


False Ceiling Exhaust:

False ceiling exhaust provides a defense against vapor release into the machine room. Protect your building from corrosive moisture and unpleasant temperature by maintaining proper wet end false ceiling exhaust.


Hood Exhaust:

Keeping that air flowing is key, exhausting hot air off the Hood helps maintain a proper air flow balance and sustain proper paper drying temperatures.


Roof Exhaust:

As a last resort, high level roof exhaust units are used to catch any remaining vapor that escapes from local exhaust systems into the high level roof area. Roof exhaust volumes can be sized to satisfy a recommended air change rate or can be based on expected humidity loading, roof area, or machine trim and production rate.


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