With our advanced 3D-Solid Modeling capabilities and Computational Fluid Dynamics software, TSG offers analysis of flow and heat transfer applications.



What can it do for you?


Remove the guess work from expected system performance and wisely allocate capital investments to get the most performance from system products.  "See" the system/product performance before it is built and make changes to improve performance.  This is the beauty of developing virtual prototypes.  Optimized systems can lower horse power requirements which in turn lowers your energy bill.


Process System & Industrial Ventilation


Heat transfer and fluid flow applications vary from system level impacts of building of building ventilation and process air systems on air, vapor, and heat migration to performance of individual systems and components.


Applications include:


  • Building /Process Air Surveys & Simulations
  • Indoor Air Quality /Dust Control
  • System Optimization/Energy savings
  • Separator Design/Optimization
  • Fan Performance Requirements
  • Distribution/Pick-up Plenums
  • Blow Boxes/Nozzles
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Glycol/Water/Steam Piping



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